Does Your Area Rug Need a Pad?

So you just bought a new area rug. It looks great, but now you’re wondering, do I need a pad for it, or will it be ok on it’s own. The short answer to this question: yes. A rug pad is essential for all area pads for many reasons:

Prevent slipping

A good rug pad will keep your area rug firmly in place by gripping it to the floor. Even if your rug is anchored by furniture, it can shift, bunch up and create tripping hazards. A rug pad will keep it in place and flat to keep everyone safe.

Increase lifetime

A thick rug pad helps protect the area rug from routine wear and tear by absorbing the impact of foot traffic and heavy furniture. The pad compresses and bounces back which takes the strain off of the fibers of the rug. The area rug fibers will crush and can tear without a pad underneath.

Protect the floor

The backings of area rugs are often rough and can scratch hardwood floors. They may also disfigure the floor if the rug’s dye leaks through. Pads help prevent this. They also keep rocks out and prevent the rug from shifting and scratching the floor. Rug pads also provide a number of other benefits, including comfort, noise reduction and insulation. If you have any questions about pads for your area rug, contact Naffco today! One of our friendly staff members will be glad to help you! Or stop into one of our 3 locations!