Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Floor

Now that spring has officially sprung, and summer is just around the corner, it’s time for your annual spring cleaning. While cleaning your whole house can be overwhelming, nothing beats the feeling of having a spotless space to spend time with yourself, your family, and your friends. Your floors get the most traffic of any surface in the house, so they are very important to tend to each year. Here are some quick spring cleaning tips to keep your floors beautiful and healthy.


While a weekly vacuum across the surface does a lot to keep your carpet clean, they are dust and dirt traps. Shampooing your carpet is one of the best ways to remove all the nasty allergens that accumulate over the year. If your carpet can’t take moisture, a steam cleaner does just as good of a job. Be sure to test your shampoo or steam cleaner in an inconspicuous corner before doing the whole carpet to make sure your carpet doesn’t get damaged by the process.

Hardwood floors

If your hardwood floor has any dents, scratches or stains, they should be refinished. To refinish them, they need to be cleaned with a floor cleaner safe for hardwood floors. Wipe the area with a microfiber cloth. Then sand the area until it’s nice and smooth. Wipe any excess debris away. Then you can buff, rewax and polish the floor. Be sure to use the right components to match the original finish.

Don’t forget about your baseboards or furniture

One common mistake when it comes to cleaning your floors is neglecting your baseboards and forgetting to move your furniture. Baseboards accumulate dirt and grime throughout the year. Wash them with an all purpose cleaner, and if they still look grimy, you can go over them with a fresh coat of paint. If furniture goes unmoved for extended periods of times it can crush the fibers of your carpet or wear away at your floors. Move your furniture slightly to avoid long-term damage. For more spring cleaning tips, stop into one of Naffco’s 3 locations and talk to one of our friendly staff members!