Alternative Flooring Options for Florida Homes

Florida lives up to its name as the sunshine state and everybody wants to be in Florida to enjoy it. Florida experiences one of the highest numbers of snowbirds every year. It also experiences that hot weather that attracts said snowbirds from all around the United States. This is all fine and dandy, but when people migrate to Florida they don’t always know how to best keep their house in the climate. Although there are many things to learn when you first come to Florida we decided that we’d like to offer advice about the best flooring options for your home. One of the best flooring options for a Florida home is a concrete floor. If you are looking for something durable, easy to maintain and long lasting then concrete flooring is a great option. Concrete flooring is the chameleon of flooring. You can still have a concrete floor with a high-class look. You can use any pattern, any color that suits your house and its decorative theme. Concrete floor also helps keep your feet nice and cool during those extra warm summer months in Florida. Another flooring that you might consider is porcelain tile. Porcelain comes in larger square tiles so that you don’t need to buy as much to cover your space, making it cost effective. Porcelain also offers a clean sleek modern look that you can combine with clean lines throughout your house. Again, porcelain also offers the unique experience of being able to keep your feet nice and cool during the hottest Florida months. If you are looking for something to match your Mediterranean house aesthetics then consider clay tile an option. The warm color of the clay gives a cozy, warm feel to your space while also being heavy duty and long lasting. And unlike concrete, it comes in a tile-like option so you can add some texture to your flooring throughout your house. A benefit of having clay tile over concrete or porcelain is that it isn’t as cold to the touch. Even though Florida does get pretty warm, it is always nice not to have to wear slippers around the house. Once this tile is sealed it is allergen free, bacteria free and so much more so definitely consider this in your home!