Colors You Didn’t Think Would Look Great in Your Kitchen But Do

When it comes to figuring out what your dream home will look like one of the last things you worry about is the color of your kitchen. Often times neutrals are used as kitchen colors, but we’re here to dare you to be bold. Here are a few colors you didn’t think would look great in your kitchen but do to consider for your remodeling job. Denim Blue This is one that most people would never venture to use as colors for a kitchen, but the cool blue tones will kick your kitchen up to the next level. Not only is it a timeless color that never goes out of style (much like those jeans you’ve had for years) but it also modernizes your space without breaking your budget. Using the denim blue as either trim or an accent wall with a fun backsplash in a neutral tone to complement it is the perfect blend of classic and modern that will bring your kitchen into the new era. Raspberry Red and Blush Pink These two set such a warm and lovely tone that with light golden accent pieces will breathe new life into your kitchen. Using a blush for the main wall colors with little raspberry accents throughout add small details that make a world of difference. These colors are especially fun because it opens up a lot of different kinds of decorating options. The copper that is all too popular right now will look great with raspberry red as your main color choice, where the rose gold accents will pop should you go with more of a muted blush pink. It’s a win, win regardless of which you choose. Burnt Yellow Often times kitchens are more of a lemon-yellow color. While the pop of brightness is lovely, it’s been done so many times that it can feel less personal. The burnt more vintage of a yellow, however, gives you the same bright happy feel without being overdone. Instead, you’ll be able to get more of a rustic vibe going throughout and having an antique look will open up your decorating options to a whole other realm of possibilities.