3 Ways to Dress a Window

Sometimes a remodeling project doesn’t involve gutting your bedroom or tearing up all the old carpet. Sometimes all you really need to do to upgrade your space is add some new window treatments to the mix. Your windows are places in your home that often can fall by the wayside when in reality, they’re the perfect mini remodeling project to undertake. Here are three ways to dress a window that you may not have thought of before: 1. Roll-up or Roman blinds: Choosing to do a roll-up blind is a very non traditional look and will upgrade your space immediately. It allows you to keep the look of a room causal with the levels of rolled you choose as well as black it out should you let the shades down all the way. It will add a nostalgic feeling to your home while simultaneously adding a sense of stylistic modernity. 2.Printed paneling: Opting for printed paneling will give your home a pop of color it may have lacked in the past, or even be the perfect finishing touch on a room you were looking to tie together. As an accent piece, it will stand out without being overpowering and is a great option for those who like to decorate seasonally. Changing out paneling is a fairly easy job, so even if you change your mind on a weekly basis this is a great area that you can remodel again and again. 3.Shutters: Typically, you get this look on the outside of a home, but adding some beautiful shutters to an inside treatment will bring your home into the new age. Whether you go for a classic wood stain, or use this as a chance to add some color to your room this is a great way to remodel your space without doing a whole lot of work.