2019 Trends for your Bathroom

With 2019 in full swing you may well be considering sprucing up your home. If you’re starting with the bathroom, we have several ideas to inspire and encourage your creativity. Let’s take a look at some of the top trends for 2019:

Vinyl (tile or sheet)

Vinyl flooring is a fabulous option for any room – including any and all of your bathrooms. 2018 saw a huge rise in the popularity of vinyl flooring, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. One of the best factors it brings to the table is it’s resistance to water, something which hardwood (which it often imitates) doesn’t have. Not just that, it comes in a huge variety of styles to match any bathroom decor. Then there’s the price. In terms of durability and lasting power in relation to cost, you get a lot for your money.


Tiles are always a great choice for the bathroom, and thanks to the wonders of modern technology they come in a countless number of styles and prices. You can even get tiles that look just like wood! It’s a smart idea to opt for a brushed or textured finish to give yourself some friction – however this is only a concern if you have a full bathroom. If you’re a lover of vintage style, there are many old-school inspired options which can give your washroom a classic, timeless look.

Hybrid Window Treatments

As technology advances, we as homeowners can take advantage of all the benefits and improvements the market has to offer. One trend that sweeps through everything from flooring to window treatments is hybrid materials. This approach uses natural materials and mixes them with synthetics in order to limit the weaknesses in the former. This means a material will look natural, but won’t suffer from mildew, water damage, wrinkles, mold, stain resistance etc. This is especially important in the kitchen and bathroom, which have to content with much more moisture than other rooms in your home. Additionally hybrid materials can provide welcome relief to allergy sufferers.