2019 Trends for your Living Room

Your living room is one of the most well-utilized areas in your home; it’s where you relax in the evenings and where you spend time as a family. It also tends to be where your visitors congregate, and can do a lot in terms of setting the tone for your home. It’s a lot easier to revamp a living room than say, a bathroom or kitchen. A change in window treatment, some new rugs, and you’ve got yourself a brand new room! Let’s take a look at some of the upcoming trends for this year:

Textures and Layering

When it comes to the window treatment in your living room, there’s plenty of directions to go in. One of the big trends we’re seeing for this year is a strong focus on texture and layering. Layering is great, as it means you don’t have to choose just one treatment. You can opt for cellular shades for practicality, silk drapes for beauty. There are the wealth of materials and textures to choose from – tightly woven, natural materials are the perfect all-rounder; layer with thin, wispy curtains to add lightness and air to the room.


Carpets are the ideal flooring choice for the living room – they come in a huge variety of patterns and materials and add that welcome element of comfort that every living room should have. Carpet trends this year are erring towards natural fibers and pronounced patterns – as well as lighter shades. These trends are perfect to add warmth and a fresh feel to your living room, as well as making a stylish and eye-catching statement.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

If wall to wall carpet doesn’t sound like you, luxury vinyl tile might be a better choice. It comes in such a huge number of styles and finishes, imitating everything from hardwood to stone (all at a fraction of the price). Not only that, it really has lasting power. Add a few luxurious area rugs for a splash of color and style.