What Woods to Use for Your Custom Cabinetry

There are so many beautiful wood choices that you can pick from when it comes to your custom cabinetry and with so many options it can be overwhelming. This is a good problem to have, you get to design the kitchen of your dreams!  You want to take your time considering your options when it comes to wood choices because your cabinetry is going to be a bold statement you can make in your kitchen. Cherry is a great pick for those looking to make a statement and keep their kitchen a color everyone loves, then look no further. Cherry is a wood that has the benefit of being easy to stain, this making it long lasting and easy to maintain. Cherry wood also has some imperfections that make each panel original and unique which adds character to your kitchen. Oak is another top pick for kitchen designs. Oak has undertones of green and yellow as the wood ages so this is a great choice if you are planning to incorporate those colors in your kitchen at all, but by no means is it required. Oak is a timeless choice and is almost universally loved by most. Oak also has stunning colors that can intertwine with your surrounding living spaces. Birch is a great pick for your custom cabinetry when you are looking to design an old-world kitchen. Birch is sturdy and long-lasting, and much like cherry, it is easy to maintain its beauty by staining and painting. This cabinet ranges from white to creamy yellow and gives the look of a beautiful wood custom cabinet with its grain pattern. When it comes to picking out your kitchen cabinetry you want to keep in mind what look you are going for. Above we listed some of the most popular choices, but we want to remind you to follow what your house is telling you. If you are looking for a mid-century modern home your choice might be different than if you are sticking to an original Tudor home design. Custom wood cabinetry is so breathtaking, no matter what you choose you will have a stunning outcome.