How to Match Your Tile Flooring and Countertops

Renovating your kitchen is a big undertaking. The kitchen is the heart of the home and will be used every single day, therefore, you don’t want to rush into any decision about any little thing. Matching your tile flooring and countertops really isn’t too difficult, but let us warn you. If done wrong it could be the first thing your guests notice. When you are looking to match your tile flooring and countertops you want to focus on your color pallet. When it comes to your color pallet you want to stay within the dark-light-dark system or vice versa. This meaning if your cabinets are dark then your countertops are light and your flooring will be dark. This adds an extra punch of bold, elegance to your kitchen. Not a lot of people know this tip so just by learning this you can narrow down your flooring options down by half. Next, remember your color scheme. You want to stick within a color scheme, you don’t want to overwhelm your space with too many colors. Remember to keep it simple and let the bigger pieces like your countertops and flooring speak for themselves. Once you pick that color scheme and decide on your two main focal points then you will be in great shape. Lastly, you want your flooring and countertops to match your home. This is a huge component when it comes to renovating your kitchen. There is also a huge opportunity for it to go wrong. If you choose a Spanish kitchen style flooring in a modern home then you might be confusing any future buyers of your home. Whenever you renovate a part of your home you may think you will never resell, but you have to consider the ever-changing ride of life, there’s always a possibility to sell. You want to stick to your home’s style. Buyers are looking for cohesiveness throughout the home, so if you provide a kitchen that isn’t up to standards than you might scare some buyers off. If you are overthinking your kitchen selection then use your resources. There are many online sites to help you visualize your space before you make any big decisions. There are also helpers ready and willing to help you envision your space who have helped design hundreds of other kitchens.