Window Treatments by Room

Choosing the best window treatments in your house improves the look and feel of every room. It can increase your quality of life, as without them, your space will look incomplete. Here are some suggestions for beautiful window treatments to make every room feel comfortable.

Living Room

It’s important to consider your lifestyle when choosing window treatments. Will you be using your living room to read, watch TV or entertain guests? Consider what you’ll be spending the majority of your time doing, and choose a window treatment to match. Wood Blinds are a popular choice when it comes to living rooms because they match nearly any decor. They can be raised, lowered and adjusted to let in as much or as little sunlight as you like. They come in a number of finishes and slat sizes and are very customizable. A Drapery and Valence combination can be a stunning addition to your living room. Valences can add a touch of elegance to a dreary drape or curtain set.


Shutters are an iconic staple of many kitchen designs. They are completely cordless, easy to clean, and give an upscale look, making them one of the best kitchen options in terms of style and functionality. Roman Shades are becoming more and more popular. If your kitchen is white, or a very light color, a textured or patterned roman shade can really make your windows stand out. They work great in modern/farmhouse style kitchens.


Floor to Ceiling Pleated Curtains provide an elegant way to provide privacy, while being easy to pull aside and let natural light in. They can make your windows the focal point or provide a nice compliment to your bed. Tie Backs are a timeless option. Wake up in the morning and pull aside your curtains to let the morning light in, and let them go in the evening to block out the setting sun or provide privacy.


Painted Windows provide a minimalist, yet finished look in the bathrooms. Zero maintenance is always a perk. These work well with frosted windows to allow light in but give you the privacy you want in the bathroom. Vinyl Shutters are another great option as they give the classic look of wood but provide all the convenience of vinyl. Easy to clean, they add elegance while giving you minimal upkeep. If you have any questions about the best window treatments for your home, contact Naffco today.