Waterproof Flooring for Kitchens and Bathrooms

Choosing flooring seems like a simple task, but to the uninformed homeowner, it’s easy to choose the wrong flooring for your kitchen and bathroom. What makes these rooms of your home unique in the type of flooring they need is, quite simply, water. Kitchens and bathrooms use more water than any other room in a home, meaning your flooring is very susceptible to spills, leaks, and just normal day-to-day water use What’s not to like about porcelain tiles? It’s a beautiful, waterproof, and inexpensive option for your kitchen or bathroom floors. Best of all, porcelain and ceramic tile are incredibly versatile—homeowners can choose the style and look of these tiles because they vary so greatly. You can choose tiles that imitate wood, stone, or other material. This tile type is easy to clean and stands up well to the test of time and to large water damage. Textured tile makes it less slippery overall, and some may not like tile because it is cold to the touch. In a warm climate though, this may be a possible advantage to a homeowner. Another popular option? Vinyl, which is one of the easiest types of flooring to install yourself. If you like DIY projects for your home, vinyl tile is a great option because it’s practical. Vinyl tiling is available in fewer styles and options than ceramic, but the fact that you can install yourself saves homeowners from expensive installation fees. This can be a huge draw. Be careful when installing vinyl—large gaps in the flooring from poor installation can greatly diminish the quality and value of the vinyl. Natural stone like marble or granite is among the most expensive of the waterproof flooring options. Natural stone is known for its elegance and beauty, which makes it appealing for kitchen and bathrooms. However, these floors tend to be slippery and cold. While natural stone is undoubtedly stunning, it is an investment. These are just a few of the waterproof flooring types available to homeowners. Hardwood flooring and carpet are far from ideal to use in kitchens and bathrooms, so choosing tiles like those made of ceramic or vinyl are excellent and often cost-effective choices for your home.