Marble and Granite-Friendly Cleaning Products to Use in Your Home

Marble and granite are two of the most popular materials for finishing your kitchen or bathroom countertops. Marble and granite are elegant, modern, and easy-to-clean. Homeowners appreciate the classic look of marble and both granite and marble have grown in home design popularity in the last ten years. Here are marble and granite-friendly cleaning products you can use in your home to keep your countertops looking brand new. Marble and granite countertops are usually coated with a sealant upon installation, which helps the material resist water absorption, spills, and damage. Experts recommend cleaning up spills immediately though, to keep your countertops in their best possible shape. Professionals can also reseal your countertops, which is recommended every few years depending on the surface type. You can seal the surfaces on your own, but professional sealant surfaces are preferred because inconsistencies in the sealant can diminish the value of your marble or granite. On granite, it’s recommended you avoid vinegar, bleach, or Windex as a cleaning product. Granite Gold is one highly endorsed product for cleaning granite surfaces. Some companies, like Weiman’s Granite and Stone Complete Kit, offer a kit including cleaning products and a sealant for your granite surfaces. This is a popular all-in-one option. On marble, often times using a non-abrasive soap and warm water is all you need. Like for your granite surfaces, it’s recommended you avoid using vinegar or bleach on marble. The disadvantage of marble countertops is that acidic spills like red wine or lemon juice can leave dull spots on the surface that are difficult to get out. It is also recommended not to use Windex on marble as well. Though it’s tempting to use products you have lying around the house like Windex, your marble will stay in better condition if you are particular and intentional with the cleaning products you use. For marble, it’s suggested you buy a spray sealant and spray your marble countertop with it about once a month. Keeping your marble and granite countertops clean doesn’t have to be an expensive or challenging endeavor. Anything from DIY, homemade cleaners to cleaning kits can be great for maintaining your elegant and timeless countertops.