How to Use Bold Patterns in Your Interior Design

Bold patterns can really make or break a room, which is why some households feel them to be too much of a risk. However, if done correctly bold patterns can be one of the most eye-catching and stunning aspects of your home’s décor. So don’t shy away from bold patterns; if you embrace them in the right way they can be a stylish addition to any room.

How to Do It?

1. First, Consider the Color Palette

Before committing to any pattern, bold or otherwise, you need to determine the color palette you want to have or already have in the space. This is to make sure that the pattern complements the rest of the décor in a positive way. By collecting the materials, patterns and colors you prefer, you can see how successfully they work together. Try making a mood board or painting the colors and having a sample of the pattern on the wall to see if they all work together as a whole. Do this before committing to something, spending money and then running the risk of it not working aesthetically.

2. Neutral Nuance

Use neutral colors are your base to work alongside bold patterns. This helps create balance and you won’t run the risk of overkill. You want to make a statement but you also want to be tasteful, and neutral hues can provide a stylish and harmonious contrast whilst avoiding excess. If you have bold, patterned decorative items, they will make more of an impact when paired with softer hues. Top Tip: Combine neutral hues on your walls and furniture with a bold rug, clashing patterned cushions or throws and one accent, patterned wall or piece of furniture.

3. Be As Creative as You Can and Commit!

Look around for inspiration; maybe from somewhere you have travelled, a piece of art you adore or a pattern you have always loved. You can add subtle accents, wallpaper or furniture depending on how bold you want to be. Make a statement with your décor – after all, your home is your castle and if there’s anywhere you can exercise your creativity, it’s there! Top Tip: Mix modern patterns with classic furniture for an eclectic feel.