Stylish and Affordable Ways to Dress up Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is your sanctuary; a lot of time is spent in this room and it is the one space in the world that is entirely yours. For these reasons and more, you should pay attention and give your bedroom the loving care and attention it deserves. You don’t have to completely redecorate your bedroom in order to give it a stylish lift. There are many things you can do which are simple enough but make a huge difference to the overall aesthetic – and they don’t have to cost the earth. Read the following ideas to get some design inspiration at an affordable price:

1. Benefit From Bedding

Bedding actually takes a lot of focus in a room and can conduct the tone and décor just as much as the walls. A tired set of sheets can bring down the style no matter how much you spend on furnishings. Buying new bedding can instantly revitalize and alter the atmosphere of a room (and makes for a comfortable night’s sleep!). Bedding is something to be invested in, so go for a high thread count and something neutral that will be able to match the shades of the room if you choose to change. Neutral doesn’t have to be boring – go for geometric patterns for a unique style. Alternatively, you can use bright colors that create contrast.

2. Dress it Up

Still on the topic of beds, an easy way to instill style for a small price is to dress up your favorite place to slumber. Cushions are an obvious choice. Choose alternating patterns, colors, and materials to inject variety – if you’re able you can even make your own. Additionally, layer other blankets and throws on your bed in a natural way. Combine with accent cushions to create a professional, designer look.

3. Window Dressing

How much light you let into your room affects the mood of the space. Choose window dressings that suit the space and you – after all you still want to be able to sleep in on a lazy Sunday. Layering window dressing is a good idea, with blinds on the windows framed by light drapes to add a touch of drama.

4. Move It Around

A really easy way to style up your bedroom at no cost is to have a restructure of the layout. Move things around and see if you prefer them in different places – you can always move them back if you don’t like it, and you might end up with a more agreeable space.

5. Fabulous Furniture

Your furniture might be looking on the tired side, but you can give it a new lease of life without breaking the bank. A good way to do this is to get items such as chairs and cushions re-upholstered and painting or putting wallpaper on dressers/cabinets. You can also install new handles to these items.

6. Lovers of Lighting

Lighting can make all the difference and you can find some beautiful lamps in thrift stores and on sale. Have a variety of lighting options to match your mood. Go for an eclectic look with different styles and heights of lamps.