Where to Use and Avoid Light-Colored Carpet

Designing the space you live in is never an easy task. With so many big decisions to be made back to back, it’s difficult to be sure you’re always making the right ones and small details can slip through the cracks. One area that is often not as meticulously thought out is carpeting options. Often times people are unsure where to use and avoid light-colored carpet looks. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you along the way: Get rid of what you don’t need. If you hate a certain color or shade of color then out rightly eliminate it from your short list. Regardless of whether you go light or dark in a room, if you detest red you will always detest red so there’s no use in even considering shades of it as you’re moving along. Instead, move forward with a healthy pallet of your favorites and work from there. How large is your space? When you’re working with a smaller living space, it’s wise to opt for lighter carpeting. This helps provide the illusion that the space is bigger and keeps it feeling more open. Whereas a dark carpet works well in already large areas. This will add a sense of modernity to it and update the look a bit more. Who’s enjoying this room? If you have a living space where a lot of kids will be running around, this might beg you to opt for a darker shade of carpeting (or simply one with enough texture and design). If you go too light, any wear or stains will be extremely obvious. However, if you’re in the process of designing a study for yourself or an area that is unlikely to be worn too much, going with a lighter carpet will instantly brighten up the room.