Three Low-Maintenance Countertop Options

Countertops are one of the things that must withstand the test of time in your home. They need to be stylish yet durable and this doesn’t always happen. Most materials that are typically chosen for countertops are fairly pricey as well as can be a bit high maintenance. Here are three low-maintenance countertop options for you to explore on your design journey: Laminate: This surface fulfills make check points on a bullet list of countertop essentials. Not only is it one of the most affordable materials to work with, but it also comes in hundreds of colors and patterns allowing you virtually complete freedom to choose whatever type of look you want for your counters. The surface is solid and nonporous which is perfect for cleaning purposes as well as means that it never needs to be resealed or refinished. Since it’s so affordable to begin with, replacing parts are typically inexpensive as well. Recycled Glass: While this is a fairly new medium to work with, it’s quickly growing in popularity. It’s made from crushed glass that’s been embedded in clear resin which allows it to be completely nonporous and extremely easy to maintain. They also do not require sealing and are highly resistant to stains and heat. This material is also highly affordable and allows you the freedom of investing more in other areas of your design project. Soapstone: This particular medium is considered a “solid surface” (much like Corian). They are highly resistant to staining and heat as well as offering extremely easy clean ups. Should a part of the counter become damaged (i.e. a light scratch, etc.) you can simply sand it down until the scratch is no longer visible since the coloring of the stone itself runs throughout it and is not just a surface based material.