Tips for Maintaining Hardwood Floors – Guest Blog by Advantage Properties

Guest Blog by Advantage Properties

  Beautiful homeWood surfaces and especially floors are a great component of home décor. They add glamour and elegance to any room. However, if not cared for and maintained their beauty slowly fades, leaving behind an unsightly outmoded structure. No wonder many property owners consider their hardwood floors to be an important part of their property’s maintenance. Luckily, taking care of your wooden floors is not as tedious or as complicated as you may think. All you need is an effective wood cleaning routine. Below are tips you can use to restore and maintain the beauty of your wooden structures.

Keep it dryWater on Floor

Wood is very sensitive to moisture. When it comes into contact with moistness the wood either forms ugly stains or swells. Both of these outcomes leave the wood looking unattractive. Therefore, neglecting water lying on the surface for an extended period of time is a big no. Ensure that you wipe off any spills immediately with a dry cloth and that you place protective mats in any areas where water is likely to splash, like under the kitchen sink.  

Use matsPicture of a mat on hardwood floors

Sand from under your feet is notorious for scratching and scrapping hardwood floors. Hence, strategically place large doormats at the entrance and other heavy traffic areas in the house for visitors to wipe the dust and grit off their feet before stepping onto your floor.  

Establish a regular cleaning routine

Formulate a regular sweeping, mopping and vacuum cleaning habit. If you can, sweep your surface daily and vacuum clean at least once a week to remove dust, grit and other particles that may damage the floor. However, when cleaning do not use a wet mop, instead, settle for a damp or dry one. Similarly avoid using a vacuum cleaner that has unforgiving bristles and stick to neutral pH cleaners that will not discolor or scratch the wood’s surface.

Avoid Scratches

Pair of sneakers on hardwood floors

Your wooden surfaces can also get damaged through scratching. You should, therefore, protect them from any such situation. For instance, trim the nails of your pets and take off shoes that have spikes or pointed heels. Furthermore, refrain from dragging the furniture unnecessarily. If you want to move or rearrange your pieces of furniture, opt to carry them. Also, place protective rugs between the furniture legs and the floor to prevent any further damage. If need be, establish a strict ‘no shoe’ policy, so as to retain the beauty of your floor.

Keep away from direct sunlight

Direct UV rays emit excessive heat that will fast track the aging and fading of your beautiful wooden surfaces. You should, therefore, come up with brilliant yet practical ways of preventing the penetration of direct sunlight. For instance, you could use window curtains to stop the penetration of direct sunlight.

Fix minor damages as soon as they occur

The phrase ‘a stitch in time saves nine’ still holds when it comes to hardwood floor maintenance. Whenever your floors get damaged move swiftly to repair it no matter how minor the damage might be. Many home owners, do not bother repairing minor wooden surface damages such as scratches or burns unless the damage is conspicuous and severe.

Refurnish the surface after every few years

A practical way of keeping your wooden surfaces sparkling is by applying a good surface finish product like polyurethane after every three to five years. Contracting a professional wooden surface specialist to apply the coating can also prove quite useful in helping you rekindle the attractiveness of your floors.