Summer DIY Renovations: Ways to Improve an Above-Ground pool

Have an eye-sore in your backyard? Oops, I mean an above ground pool… if this is you, don’t fret, we’ve got some ideas that will help you go from the blacklist to the top list for pool parties this summer.  
  1.  Daydream

This is the best part of sprucing up any space is the ability to daydream about what you want it to be like, and of course, the Pinterest-ing. Imagine how you want your backyard to feel and how you want to use your space around your pool. Do you want to make your surrounding pool area a tiki-beach vibe for a cool-down night swim or are you looking to add some extra space around it to enjoy even more friends and family?
  1. Some options

Depending on your budget there may be some limits to what you can do to improve your pool area, but we’ve looked and we’ve found all types of budget friendly solutions. An easy way to improve your area on a low-end budget is to purchase some bamboo reed fending and wrap it around your pool. This will give it a beach like feel.  Next, add some tiki-torches around the area with a couple of cute signs that may or may not include something like, “Please don’t feed the mermaids”.
  1. Build

Want an inviting space for all? This may exceed your budget, but this one will really pay off in the end. There isn’t much that can top adding a deck area around your above-ground pool that makes it more welcoming. By building a deck all the way around your pool, or even around one side of it, it will help give the illusion that your above-ground pool is now an underground pool. A nice deck might set you back about $2-3,000, which is more affordable than an underground pool and will still give you the feel you are looking for in your space. Pro tip: for the cheapest and easiest way to change up your outdoor pool area, consider adding some ocean rock around the outside edge of your pool and some beautiful flowers. This will brighten up the area while saving money!