Green Living: Simple Fixes to Make Your Home Eco-Conscious

  When attempting to be eco-friendlier in terms of green living, simple fixes to make your home eco-conscious will elevate your living space immensely. There are a few ways that you can easily make your home eco-friendlier most of which will cost you nothing and make your life far easier in the process.
  • Stop messing with the thermostat
Instead of readjusting your thermostat all of the time, try to keep it at a constant temperature throughout the varying seasons. If you’re able to afford a programmable thermostat, that would be the most ideal option. They decrease your energy bill by 10 percent and in the end, while being expensive up front, pay for themselves. The energy they will save you will also save you money and keep you in an eco-friendly zone for years to come.
  • Natural light
Instead of using so much artificial light, make a conscious decision to use more of the natural light that surrounds us. Open the blinds and let the sun in. Not only is a little bit of sunlight healthy, but it also is a free way to light up your home without worrying about the eco-damage you could be doing. If you must use artificial light, be sure to turn them off when you’re done and consider switching to environmentally conscious bulbs. They last longer and require less energy when in use.
  • Replace windows
Sometimes older windows aren’t the most energy efficient. They can be sealed incorrectly and end up allowing heat or cool air to escape when it shouldn’t be. By purchasing new windows, you’ll be insulating your house for years to come, saving you hundreds in bill charges in the future. While it may not pay for itself as quickly as the programmable thermostat, having adequate insulation in all areas of the house is essential for a fully functioning eco-friendly home.
  • Water
Water heaters consist of 15 to 25 percent of our annual energy usage. Getting a high-efficiency water heater can drive down costs as well as keep your water heated at personally regulated temperatures that are less likely to dramatically fluctuate.