Signs Your Cabinetry Was Poorly Installed

Is there anything more frustrating than paying someone to work on a project for you and then it be done incorrectly? Let alone installing cabinetry, arguably one of the most important items in a home. Contractors will charge for installation and the labor for doing it, but how can you truly know if it was done correctly? We have gathered a couple of things to look for when you get newly installed cabinetry. The first sign of incorrect installation is when the alignment of all the cabinets is off. This is something that may be easy to notice, or it may be noticed later… but it will eventually show. When the cabinets don’t align there will be a small gap or unevenness among them. Having trouble opening and closing your cabinet doors? This is another sign they were incorrectly installed. This could also be a sign that your cabinets were wrongly measured and should be remeasured and cut again. Just like that old saying goes…measure twice, cut once. We have even noticed that small hardware installation mistakes can make a whole cabinet look out of line. So check your hardware too. Sometimes it is as simple as tightening up a loose screw or heading to your local hardware shop and getting some new hardware. This doesn’t always mean the whole job was done wrong, but it could. Double check all your hardware if you are finding mistakes like this freshly after your contractor leaves. What can you do if your contractor or the manufacturer of your cabinets sorta-kinda rips you off? Well, we highly suggest doing your best at getting someone to come in and take a look at their work. Hopefully you can get the same contractor who initially installed them to come back in and admit to his mistakes but it isn’t very likely. Once you find someone who can look at the cabinets they should be able to tell you whether or not they are even worth saving. Either way, if your cabinets were made from a manufacturer than get on the phone and file a complaint. It is unacceptable and a costly mistake.