Should My Mudroom have Cabinets?

Mudrooms are an attractive feature for any homeowner. They serve an excellent purpose, keeping mud and dirt excluded to one area instead of spreading it further into the house. Once you have installed a mudroom, you’ll wonder how you lived without it! Many people often choose to have cabinets in their mudrooms, let’s find out why:

Daily Declutter

If your life is always on the go, the mudroom provides a place to declutter. Not only is it an area in which to rid yourself and your family of dirty shoes, there’s also the capability to store schools bags, umbrellas, and coats. This means none of these things have to cross the threshold and be brought into the house, thrown or discarded in places they don’t belong.

Storage Solutions

That why, probably more than any other room in the house, storage solutions need to be sought in order to contain that clutter. Mudrooms unfortunately are often not going to be clean; their whole purpose is to contain the dirt and stop the spread of exterior into the interior. In order to ensure the mudroom does its job effectively, you need to be smart with your storage. A great way to do that is to install cabinets. By having a range of different sized cabinets, you can tuck away and organize easily. One popular addition is to have an exterior cabinet that serves as both storage and somewhere to sit and remove ones shoes, but there are many different cabinet types that can help keep your mudroom as neat and tidy as possible. The other great thing about mudroom cabinets is you can customize them to fit your needs as a family. If you live in cooler climates you may well want extra hanging space for bulky coats and boots, if you mudroom is on the smaller size you can opt for taller cabinets to make the most of the space available to you. In short, if you’re tired of your mudroom being a mess, cabinets might well be the answer.