Choosing the Right Floor for the Right Room

If you’re in the process of redecorating, you might well be struggling when it comes to choosing flooring. Sure, aesthetics are important – but when it comes to floors you have to consider several other factors in addition to this which might alter the type you settle on. Let’s take a look at some tips to help you make the right decision:


One of the main factors to consider when choosing your floor is the amount of foot traffic it will see. If the flooring is going to be installed in a high traffic area that sees a lot of footfall, it’s advisable to opt for a durable, strong option that can contend with the constant wear and tear. You might consider tiles, bamboo, resilient flooring (such as sheet) or hardwood if this is the case.

Humidity and Dampness

Another big consideration for homeowners is the amount of humidity and dampness the flooring will be contending with. If you’re in the process of redecorating your basement for example, it’s vital you choose a floor that is able to cope with the damp. Viable candidates include concrete, luxury vinyl, porcelain tile, concrete, and certain types of laminate.


If you have pets or children, chances are you don’t want to flooring that stains easily or can be scratched. Consider installing a flooring that won’t be easily damaged, such a plank vinyl, tile or even carpet. Remember if you want to protect your hardwood floor from scratches, you can always use an area rug.


Finally an important consideration for many homeowners is the price point. If you’re on a budget, some of the high ticket flooring (such a porcelain tiles and hardwood)  may not be attainable for you. Luckily there are many affordable alternatives thanks to modern technology. If you don’t want to replace your flooring regularly, it’s makes more financial sense to opt for higher quality which will cost you less in the long run.