Picking Flooring for Your Closet

When you’re designing your home, especially your bedroom, you’ll realize quite quickly that the beauty is in the details. This being said, the first thing you think about may not be what kind of flooring you’ll use on your closet floor. Often times people believe that the only way to go for closet flooring is carpet. However, when picking flooring for your closet there are a number of things to consider before committing to the fluffy flooring. To begin, carpet while being plus and warm also is a bit more difficult to clean in comparison to other mediums. While at first it may seem like a great idea, down the road when you’re on your hands and knees trying to vacuum out corners, your back may disagree with your choice. Besides this, you also may have to contend with the carpet poking out from underneath your closet doors if you’ve gone with a wooden or vinyl flooring for the rest of the room, which can leave you feeling a bit disappointed. Instead, opt for a wooden or vinyl option that matches whatever theme you have going with the rest of the room. You want your closet flooring to not only be something that compliments the rest of the space but is also fairly easy to clean and won’t cause you grief down the road. Some people even opt for a stone tiling paired with a throw rug that you can remove to clean. This is great especially for areas that have varying seasons. The tiling is naturally cool so during the warmer months it will be refreshing, and during the cooler months you can interchange seasonal throw rugs to spice up the space a bit and have mini redecorating moments. However, generally speaking your best option for closet flooring is to simply continue whatever flooring is preset from the room adjacent to the closet. This way you can cut out a lot of confusion and worry, be sure that the flooring will match with what you already have present, and keep yourself from overthinking the design of the space as well.