What to Consider When Picking Out New Flooring

When designing your home one of the very first things you’ll do is look at flooring options. Many homeowners are unsure what to consider when picking out new flooring. Does climate matter? What if you have kids? Are certain materials truly better than others, or is that a myth? Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you figure out which flooring option is best for you:
  1. Climate does matter (but only a little bit): By this we mean that the climate you live in shouldn’t be the deciding factor of your flooring, however it’s definitely something to consider. If you live in a balmy warm climate, often times you’re better off working with stone or tile flooring. The stone is naturally cooler and tends to come naturally from the earth making it one of the more affordable options in flooring. It also is resistant to water and humidity.
  2. Consider your budget: With so many different options out there, there’s something for every kind of budget at this point. For those who desire the look of a classic oak or cherry wood floor, but don’t necessary have it within their budget to do their entire home with such material, laminate flooring is a great option. Laminate comes in a variety of styles and colors and is often a great alternative for wood flooring. Bamboo is also a medium to consider. Not only is it a green option to wooden flooring, but it virtually looks the same as well as being far more affordable.
  3. Be logistic as well as stylistic: Since flooring is virtually the largest thing you’ll have to do decision wise, you want to be sure you’re thinking long term as and not only concerned with what’s in style now. While bright and bold floor patterns might seem like a great idea, in the long run you could grow tired of them and that’s a huge remodel. Instead, opt for classics that you can dress up with throw rugs or style around bold cabinets and furniture. Those are far easier to remodel or replace in comparison to your flooring choice.