How Long do Carpets Last?

Have you recently replaced your carpet and are wondering how many years until you have to do the same again? Most sources suggest in the region of 10 years – though your carpet may last much longer (or shorter) than that. The longevity of your carpet is dependent on both internal and external factors, so if you’re not intending on redecorating anytime soon it’s important to consider the following:


The material used in the construction of your carpet will greatly affect its lifespan – for instance wool and nylon are typically strong and durable, whereas something like polypropylene isn’t. If you have a blended carpet this alters the durability of the fibers, as it may have a weaker material mixed with a stronger. If you don’t intend on replacing your carpet for a while and have the budget, it’s recommended to opt for a premium, stronger material which will stand the test of time.


Carpet in a high footfall area is not going to last as long, and there isn’t much you can about that apart from ensuring the carpet is durable. Carpets are made of fibers, and if they are regularly stepped on it causes flattening which makes the carpet age visually. A great material to contend with high traffic is nylon as due to its composition it has the ability to spring back after steaming. This makes it a popular choice for hallways and stairways. In your bedroom you can afford to be more luxurious and opt for comfort, as this area won’t see nearly as much footfall.


Light can be a huge factor in the visual aging of your carpet, and it’s certainly something to take into account. If your carpet is going to be in an area that soaks up the sunlight, it might be wise not to choose a darker color or intricate pattern due to the likelihood of the color fading.