2019 Trends In Countertops

Countertops are an integral part of your kitchen’s design. They take up more of the eye than you might imagine, and can be a really beautiful focal point if that’s what you desire. Additionally they need to be incredibly functions – after all this is where food will be prepared, where dishes will be piled, and where groceries will be thrown. So how do you go about choosing the best countertop for your kitchen? Well first check out the top trends for 2019 below:


The countertop naturally draws the eye, and it seems only sensible to make the most of this blank canvas. Contrast the color of your countertops to either the wall or cabinets (or both) and you’ll soon be getting compliments.


Just like other areas of the home (including flooring and cabinets) natural materials – especially woods – are really making a comeback. Wooden countertops are not only durable, they can also be incredibly unique thanks to the pattern of a grain. If you want a one of a kind kitchen countertop, wood may well be for you.

Quartz is Still Holding Strong

This engineered stone is still one of the most favored countertop types, and 2019 won’t change that. Quartz is one of the strongest materials on the market countertop wise and it has steadily been taking over more and more of the market thanks to its low maintenance and durability. It will last a lifetime, so long as you ensure not to damage it with it’s only kryptonite, excessive heat!

Laminate Love

Laminates have long been seen as a lesser version of premium countertops, however all that has changed of late. Laminates have been engineered to be strong as well as stylish, and if you want a unique kitchen, laminates come in a whole range of patterns, colors, and varieties to choose from.