What Are Some Good Basement Floor Cleaners?

Your basement is often the most neglected space in your home, but with a little care it can be transformed into anything from a suitable storage spot to an extra room. The first step in utilizing your basement is to keep it clean – as the location is below ground they present different challenges thanks to the additional moisture in the air. Let’s take a look at the best way to keep your floor sparkling clean:


As basements are at risk of mold and mildew, they have different cleaning requirements. Some of these products can be toxic and dangerous if used in incorrectly, so ensure you have all the protective equipment you need (such as goggles, plastic gloves, a mask etc.) You should also have some kind of equipment on hand to assist with ventilation.

Sweep and Clear

Next you need to prepare the area by clearing the entirety of the floor space and sweeping. Do this task twice: once to get the main debris up and twice to collect the fine dust. You can use a vacuum cleaner if you prefer.


You should now spot clean any troublesome areas – particularly if you can see any mold spots appearing. Mold needs to be cleaned with a specialized cleaner or you can use laundry detergent, trisodium phosphate (one ounce each) mixed with laundry bleach (one quart) and three quarts of water. Use a stuff nylon brush – never metal. Ensure to be careful not to inhale the mixture whilst scrubbing, rinse, and allow to dry. If you have extremely stubborn stains you can use stronger cleaners but be aware this may cause discoloration.


Make a mix using hot water and floor cleaner, or make your own using dish soap, white vinegar, and a squeeze of lemon for scent. Mop the floor and replace the cleaning mixture when necessary. Clean in small sections. Afterwards you might want to look into re-waterproofing the room if there was more damp than expected.