Flooring & Area Rugs, Home Flooring Ideas

Area rugs occupy a unique place in the world of flooring. They can be more expressive than other items in your décor arsenal, altering the entire perception of space, tying in the interior as a whole, and providing warmth and comfort. In short, the rug area rug has many important roles to fill…

They Can Inspire The Décor

If you’re looking for a decorative muse, begin by picking out a rug. Every project needs a starting point, and an area rug can do better than most at fulfilling that role. The colors, style, and pattern can all inspire the direction the rest of the décor takes.

They Can Be a Statement Piece

With an area rug you can afford to be more daring than with the rest of your décor. Treat your rug as a statement piece, bringing splashes of color and patterns to the room. Being bold with your choice can really pay off.

They Make the Room Comfortable and Practical

Yes hardwood floors look opulent and are classically stylish, but in reality their lack of sound and heat insulation isn’t desirable. That’s where your good friend the area rug comes in. Area rugs warm up a room on a practical and atmospheric level, adding comfort and coziness.

Texture and Character

Another great feature of rugs is the opportunity to being an extra level of texture. Play around with different types, you might surprise yourself. Remember to think about the practicalities of the material you end up choosing – a sheepskin rug is cozy but not a good option for a high traffic area.


Flooring is not the cheapest part of your home to update, so you want to protect it from wear and tear as much as possible. Rugs can offer that protection with style to boot. Use area rugs to protect high traffic areas – it’s more affordable to replace a rug than a hallway.

Denote Different Spaces

Finally, rugs can be used to suggest different areas within the home. If you have an open plan layout, rugs can visually and decoratively separate spaces, defining them and adding to their functionality