How to Get More Natural Light in your Home

Natural light makes a huge difference to the overall energy and aesthetic of your home, as well as to your mood. You might think there’s nothing you can do without altering the structure of the building, but there’s actually several additions you can make which will make your home feel like a lighter and brighter place:

Window Treatments

Your choice of window treatment has the most influence on the amount of natural light in your home. Avoid heavier fabrics with lining, instead try opting for shades with easy mobility (such a cellular or pleated blinds) so you can lift them up and down when needed. You can also try sheer curtains, which are often made from translucent material – this allows you to have natural light in your home without compromising on privacy. Cafe curtains are another great option, as you can block out the bottom of your window whilst still letting in tons of natural light from the top.


One of the easiest changes you can make is to add more mirrors around your home. Mirrors reflect, so by placing them in strategic spots you can really create the illusion of additional light. You can also buy furniture that has glass or mirrored panels or accents if you don’t have space for a mirror.

Color Palette

Having a lighter color palette in your home can really do wonders for light. By painting your home in lighter shades, you can allow the sunlight to move more freely inside – think eggshell, blue, and light grays.

Change the Layout

You can make a big change by simply moving your furniture around. You might be surprised by how much light is being blocked by your floor plan, so try moving all items a few feet away from any source of natural light, including doors.

Make a Change

If you have a thick door letting no light in, look into replacing it with a door that has a window. This will open up the room a great deal.