What are the Best Window Treatments for Bay Windows?

Bay windows are a beautiful addition to your home. They are a focal point for a room, letting in copious amounts of light, giving panoramic views, and creating the illusion of additional space. As they’re such an impactful part of a rooms decor, it can be difficult to figure out how to best dress the windows. Take look at some of these suggestions to make your bay window the best it can be:

Roman Shade

This type of shade is a beautiful frame for bay windows, providing a colorful accent and offering a little more privacy. A functional and stylish choice, you can afford to go bold with color or patterns on your Roman shades, as well as playing around with textures.

Enclosed Curtains

If your bay window comes with a seating area, you may want to enclose the area with curtains. Depending on the material of the curtain, you can use this window treatment to insulate the room and create a cozier atmosphere. Choose a thicker, possibly even blackout material in rich silks or embroidered cotton – especially if your bay window is in the bedroom.

Austrian Shades

Austrian shades are a bold choice, but if done in the right way they can really make a statement. In Austrian shades, the material is gathered into scallop when raised, giving a luxurious edge to your decor. Bay windows can handle the elaborate nature of this treatment, choose light silks that complement the colors in the rest of your decor and ensure they lift high enough so they don’t block out too much light.

Cellular Shades

Now onto a more contemporary style, cellular shades are great at blocking light and noise, as well as insulating the home. You also have a great deal of control as you can easily pull the shades up and down when needed.


No matter what type of treatment you choose, you should always consider layering.Using multiple treatments means you can meet both functional and aesthetic goals – for example, use cellular shades combined with drapes.