Eco-Conscious Hardwood Flooring Options

Whether you’re remodeling your home, or designing a brand new one, your flooring will be at the center of all of your purchases. The most classic type of flooring to go with will always be hardwood. This medium is easy to work with as well as has a number of options for you to choose from. Among these options are now eco-conscious hardwood flooring options that may peak your interest: 1.Bamboo: This particular type is entirely non-toxic as well as zero VOC, and formaldehyde free. The plant fiber itself is naturally anti-bacterial, strong, and water resistant. Outside of this, it also means that you won’t be contributing to the industry of harvesting forests for the sake of your flooring. 2.Reclaimed wood: Using reclaimed wood allows you to pull from places like old warehouses, military structures, dismantled houses, and so on to use as your flooring instead of investing in newly harvested wood. However, this tends to be a more expensive process simply because of the time and energy it takes to clean the wood and repurpose it so that it’s ready for use. 3.Cork: This is a medium that most people don’t even consider at first simply because it sounds as though it isn’t logistically possible. Cork however comes from the bark of a cork oak tree which can be safely harvested so that it doesn’t actually harm the tree. The bark itself regenerates within three years making it a partially renewable resource. The only down side of this medium is that it needs mild protection from UV light so that it won’t fade quickly in pigmentation. 4.Palm Wood: These are being used in the context of palm trees that no longer produce coconuts. The trees are then used as an alternative flooring option for your home. Be sure that it’s installed with a water based glue and finished with a low or no-VOC finish.