Be Careful Using These Cleaning Products on Your Countertops

When we invest in things such as countertops, we want to be sure we’re taking care of them as well as we can. This often times involves cleaning them regularly when in use. While it’s always good to thoroughly clean and disinfect your countertops to promote longevity, it’s also important to know what disinfecting products could actually be harming your counters. Be careful using these cleaning products on your countertops: Anything acid based. This includes cleaners based in vinegar, lemon juice, or ammonia. All of those can permanently damage your countertop as well as strip the seal on it. Lemon in particular has calcite in it which is harmful to the sealant so when dealing with lemons themselves, be sure to clean up right away. All abrasives. Any scouring cleaning product in powder or cream form can be extremely hurtful to your countertop. Outside of this, an S.O.S. pad will also gradually deplete your sealant as well which will end up leaving your counter unprotected. Too much soapy water. While this is a solid base level of cleaning as well as the most widely used form because of how easy it is, you have to be conscious of how you’re doing it. If you are leaving too much soapy residue behind, over time the soap will begin to eat away at your table or sealant as well. The generic stuff. As all-purpose as your cleaning product might claim to be, you more than likely want to avoid using it on your countertop surface. Many of them contain bleach, acids, alkalis, or other harsh chemicals that will wear your sealant over time or destroy your counter as well. While it might help, you cut cost in the short-term sense, you’ll have a nightmare on your hands when you have to reseal or replace countertops later on.