Easy Additions to Add for More Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is how aesthetically pleasing your house appears from the street. Having great curbs appeal can make all the difference when selling your home, as from the outset the buyers are impressed. There are many easy and inexpensive ways to up your appeal, check out these top tips:

Revamp The Color

A fresh lick of paint can make all the difference, and an easy way to do this is to give your door a revamp. Add a bright splash of color to your front door, fence, shutters or trim to revitalize your exterior. Choose the color carefully so it complements the main exterior walls, as well as the streetscape.

Green Thumbs Help

Having a well-kept garden is a huge plus. It doesn’t have to be a complicated oasis that requires constant upkeep, just keep it simple and maintained. Planting a tree is an easy way to create instant curb appeal, just make sure to choose the appropriate location. Installing flower boxes is another great option, as are potted plants which can help frame the pathway in a neat and tidy manner, whilst adding beautiful splashes of color. If you have planter beds that have seen better days, take a trip to the garden center and renew the greenery or add some stones in for variation.

House-proud Hardware

Sometimes small details can make a huge difference. If your house numbers are looking worse for wear, replace them. The same goes for an outdated mailbox and door lockset. Lighting is another key aspect that can be easily overlooked; replacing exterior lights makes your home safer and more attractive – solar powered lamps are a popular and uncomplicated option. All these jobs can be easily done and help to contribute immeasurably to the overall exterior.

It’s All About Symmetry

Having an exterior that is symmetrical is perfect because not only does it look good, it’s very easy to do. Frame your front door with matching lights either side keeping the door as the focal point, have pot plants on the steps leading to your front porch.  These additions make all the difference and create a clean and visually pleasing appearance.


The last thing you want is overkill, but a few tastefully chosen pieces can hugely enhance your exterior aesthetic. Add a water feature, sculpture or bird bath for a perfect finishing touch.