4 Exterior Color Palettes to Try This Spring

They always say don’t judge a book by its cover, but this rule doesn’t apply to the outside of your home. The color you choose sets an immediate tone for your décor as a whole, and gives that important first impression.  Natural calming hues, standout bright exteriors – there are endless possibilities for this blank canvas. For the ultimate spring clean, instantly revamp your home by choosing one of the following fashionable colors for 2017:

Bring Out The Bright!

Having bright color(s) can be a bold move when it comes to your exterior, but if you choose correctly it can revitalize any structure. One of the main things to consider is the surrounding area and how the palette will fit in and complement the streetscape generally.  Remember, you don’t have to commit to having your entire walls slathered in bright yellow. A more low-key choice is to have a mix of neutral and bright colors to create contrast and implement an overall framed and symmetrical facade. Choose a bright paint to trim interesting architectural elements and lines, bringing them to the forefront. You can even match your fence in the same color. Think bright yellows, oranges or blues – just remember less is usually more.

Dark and Interesting

The perfect option for colder climates, dark palettes invoke drama and classic beauty. They are daring and can make for a stunning exterior. Paint the main walls a dark blue or a charcoal with undertones of green, have the trim in a neutral hue to contrast for an elegant and striking design.

Gorgeous Grays

A gray exterior is the pinnacle of modernist décor and has earned its rightful place as a popular choice for many contemporary designers. People are often scared of going too dark with grays when they shouldn’t. Dark grays create an interesting focus and contrast. Going too light all over runs the risk of making your home look too industrial – and not in a good way. Paint the trim with similar tones, ensuring the paints all have the same base so as to ensure they balance each other well.

Beach-Day Beauty

Nautical themed décor has grown in popularity during recent years; it is simplistic, fresh and effortless.  Neutral palettes are always the most popular choice for exteriors; having a coastal-inspired edge is a clever way to stick to neutrals whilst implementing character to your decor. Use greys tinged with blues or green in their undertones to create that perfect, relaxed beach vibe. Contrast these pastel hues with a classic white for the trim and add some choice nautical decoration to add even more to the overall theme.