Choosing Tile Flooring that Isn’t Bland

Time to spice it up! One thing that dictates a room’s energy is the floor. Sounds strange, but you know exactly what I mean. Have you ever walked into a log cabin and it was all wooden floors? Although beautiful, you probably felt that it was spacious and cold, making it uncomfortable for you and your feet. Have you ever walked into a log cabin where the living room has carpet wall-to-wall and you couldn’t help but feel nice and cozy inside? This is what we are talking about. The flooring in a home or individual rooms can make such a statement about your home. This is why we think it is important to express who you are through your flooring. How to ensure your space isn’t bland? Well, stay away from overdoing the neutrals in your home. Neutrals are great if you are using them to calm the other bold colors in your home, but it has quite the opposite effect if you are using neutrals everywhere.  Don’t be afraid to add some flavor to your home. There is so much inspiration out there just waiting for you! Whether your home is Mediterranean style or cozy rustic, whatever you are looking for you can find. Starting with your floor is the best idea. A good way to choose a tile that isn’t bland is to first figure out the style of your home. As mentioned above, there is a ton of inspiration out there for all types, but there is also such a large selection of flooring to pick from when you are ready to make the move. So be bold in your flooring choice. If you are thinking you would like a darker floor then go with a deep dark. If you want clean, bright lines then go simple and white. Another way to ensure you won’t make this mistake is to take the time to plan. You already have found what style you want to keep in your home, now you have to envision what your decor is going to be. You can use many tools online to help you with decorating if you don’t want to splurge on an interior designer. We even know of people who cut out there dream chairs, mirrors and more and glue them to an idea board to get their vision out on paper. By doing this you can confidently choose a bold color for your flooring, knowing you will not regret it!