Choosing the Right Color for Your Countertops

Choosing the right color for your countertops can be stressful and it’s a lot of pressure because of the big sum of money you might be spending. Nowadays there are some more affordable solutions to change up your countertops but the kitchen is the last place where you want to cut corners. Buyers can see right through the painted over countertops and they have full right to do so. The buyers market is competitive and your house has to be at the top of its game to be chosen, especially the kitchen. We always like to go by our golden rule of picking the opposite color when it comes to your countertops. Let us explain. When you have light flooring we always recommend switching it and having dark cabinets, thus having light countertops. Vice verse works too, if you have dark flooring then you should do light cabinets and dark countertops. This adds extra dimension to your kitchen area and automatically gives the eye something to draw too. Plus, if you had an all dark kitchen then it might seem like your space feels smaller even if it is a large area. Once you narrow down your selection by using this golden rule, the next thing we recommend is to consider the resale value of your home. The kitchen is such a huge selling point to potential buyers that you want to pick something that a wide variety of people would enjoy. For example, you don’t want to buy a bright green countertop because you love the 70s because frankly that would make your home harder to sell in the future. Lastly, stick with the style of your home. If you’re not sure then you can look around at other kitchen designs that have similar features to your home. For example, a modern home may choose a waterfall countertop for that more urban look and a beach side bungalow may choose something that hides imperfections a little better. Knowing what style you have in your home and adding to that charm will only increase the value of your home. Keep it simple and not overpowering that way you can feel right at home when it comes to enjoying your kitchen space.