Can I Paint My Cabinets?

Repainting wood can seem like a highly time consuming or costly job. In reality, it’s one of the easier projects out there and doesn’t have to be too expensive. This being said, there’s a lot to think about when tackling a project like this and many people ask, “Can I paint my cabinets?” They wonder if it’s a job that can be completed as a do-it-yourselfer, or if it’s one that requires a professional’s help. Cabinet painting is one of the better DIY projects to tackle, especially if you’re new to the DIY game. When repainting your cabinets there are a few things you’ll want to think of. To begin, you’ll want to assess the condition of your cabinets. Do they have deep scratches in them or stains you’ll need to sand out? Regardless, you’ll need to sand down the surfaces of all of the cabinets so that the glossy finish is no longer there. This makes it so that the paint goes on smoothly as well as helps it to adhere longer to avoid having to repaint them too soon. Once you’ve sanded down your cabinets, you’ll want to wipe them down to get all of the dust particles off. After this you’re ready to begin applying your paint. As you do so, be sure that you are painting with the grain of the wood and be mindful of things like hinges and knobs so that they aren’t covered in your paint as well. Prepping your work area and the rest of your kitchen is very important. This is what keeps the job looking professional and well done as well as makes clean up far easier for you later on. Of course, if you simply don’t have the time to commit to a DIY project, it’s always an option to hire a professional as well. They have all of the materials needed and are sure to complete your project just as well, if not better than you could have. This being said, if you’re hoping to spend your funds in other areas of a remodeling project, a DIY job is always a wonderful alternative.