Benefits of Corian Countertops

When redecorating your home, it’s good to know all the different benefits and drawbacks of using different kinds of materials. One of your biggest investments during a renovation project is the countertops. While there are plenty of options for your countertop investment, the most popular and one of the best (arguably) materials is Corian. Here are a few benefits of Corian countertops: To begin with, Corian is a material that has the ability to be very flexible with whichever color you choose. Since it’s made from plastic resin, you can pigment it with almost any color as well as a number of different textures. This makes it the perfect choice if you have a unique color scheme or are looking for an accent piece in your room. Instead of having your wall color be your accent piece, this allows you to have a little bit more of an original take on interior decorating. Corian is such a durable and diverse material that it can be used for outdoor patios as well. This is a great asset so that you don’t invest in an outdoor countertop that will suffer too much wear and tear from the weather. Corian is not a natural material, so its finish allows it to be more wear resistant than marble or granite would. Making your investment much more cost efficient. Outdoor patios can be difficult to decorate, but Corian will keep your budget intact and your patio looking brand new for years to come. Since it’s a man-made material, you can get them cut into slabs as large or small as you want which allows you to ensure that there are no gaps or holes that could get damaged by water or other leaks later on. The material can even have a granite or marble looking finish. This will save you loads because you’ll be able to have all of the flexibility of the Corian as well as the look of a more upscale countertop, should you so choose. This also makes it far cheaper. Marble and granite typically run pretty pricey and finding matching slabs for different areas of your home can be really difficult.