Bedroom Floor Trends

Remodeling or designing your bedroom is always one of the more fun projects out there. It’s the space where you truly live and unwind in your home and will quickly become your sanctuary from the rest of the world. If you’re looking to upgrade your space, one of the best places to start is the flooring. Bedroom floor trends are jumping to the forefront of every design project and may just be the first thing you should consider upgrading as well. Many people are ditching their older carpets and replacing them with either hardwood flooring or bamboo flooring. Carpets can trap a lot of dust and germs and can even affect the air you’re breathing. Whereas surfaces like wood or bamboo are more easily cleaned and maintained, as well as tend to be more sanitary. Wood has always been a classic statement in any home. Now it’s all about how you dress your wood flooring. Cowhide and faux cowhide rugs are extremely on trend right now as western influences come back to the forefront. Should you choose to forego this option, vintage area rugs are also making a comeback. If you’re more in the business of upgrading to green, bamboo flooring is a great option as well as recycled wood. Bamboo can regenerate in as quickly as five years which makes it the go to option for those looking to keep themselves green. It has a finish that is almost identical to that of wood, without all of the deforestation and pollution that accompanies wood harvesting. This being said, recycled wood is another great alternative. This is usually wood that’s been repurposed or has been found as drift wood that quickly becomes your flooring. This ensures that while you get the timeless look of hardwood, you’re still able to confidently pair with the green initiative. A cost-efficient alternative that is extremely on trend right now is concrete flooring. Concrete is on par with the industrial chic look that is taking designers by storm. Paired with throw rugs and other great pieces in the space, your bedroom will have a naturally cool atmosphere as well as a polished and classy look.