5 Modern Design Inspirations for your Dining Room

After a long day at work or out on the town, few things are better than sitting down for a hearty meaning in a beautiful dining room. Not only are meals enjoyed in this room, but communal experiences are shared between family members and guests. The atmosphere of such a space is important to many and if you feel that a renovation is on the horizon to bring your dining room more into line with your personal aesthetic and style, then there are a number of ways to improve that room and make it even more beautiful for all. The nature of the interior design for the dining room will largely depend on its proximity to the kitchen. Dining rooms in some houses are kept isolated from the kitchen, but many modern designs are connecting the two together. This makes sense of course because it lessens the gap between where the food is prepared to where it is consumed. The same concept applies for interior designing; you usually want the design of the dining room to match or blend with that of the kitchen if they are connected or next to each other. Using the same color scheme or contrasting light and dark attributes for example can create a continuity between the two spaces and create a worthwhile aesthetic. Even within the dining room itself as a stand-alone room, balance is important. Just as the amount of chairs at the table are symmetrical, it is a good idea to keep the negative space even on both sides of the table, which is generally at the center of the room. This not only accents the table as a focal point, but is pleasing to the eye and gives everyone enough space to move around in. Decorations can be welcome on either side, but keeping the visual weight balance is a key factor in many modernly designed homes. On the subject of furniture, making sure that all the furniture meshes well is a key component to many modern dining rooms. This may seem like an obvious concept, but it does not necessarily mean that the table and chairs have to be from the same set or be identical. In fact, it is sometimes a good idea to have the chairs be a slightly different shade to provide some contrast, so long as they are similar. Even if they are from the same set, placing a cover over them can achieve the same goal. The rest of the furniture in the room, if any, should also be of a similar shade of color or wood. If there are windows in the dining room, outlining them with a similar wood or color shade can also really bring the room together. If there are windows in the dining room, then they can also help with another relevant concept for designing: lighting. As with most rooms in the home, a healthy balance between light and shadows can enhance the beauty of the room beyond what colors and furniture can. Windows provide an opportunity for natural light to permeate the room, however, elegant style curtains or shutters can filter in just the right amount of light and promote the aesthetic. With all of the different kinds of window treatments available, there is sure to be one that matches the kind of style you are aiming for in your dining room. Finally, the colors in a dining room enhance its beauty as well. Like with all other features, they are completely up to your personal tastes, however the modern trend seems to lean towards warmer colors taking the forefront in most designs. According to some of the principles of color theory, warm colors tend to be more sensual, which couples well with the different smells and tastes enjoyed by those dining at the table. Cool colors should not be forgotten however if the goal to create a more subdued atmosphere that is relaxing and mellow. These colors blend well with darker woods and furniture materials. Depending on your individual style, sticking to one of themes or the other can define the dining room and create a personal atmosphere. The dining room is often the hub of hospitality for enjoying a meal with guests or relaxing and dining with family. As such, creating a pristine and elegant atmosphere is desirable to many. If it is attached to the kitchen, blending the two designs is a good idea, while giving it its own character is doable if it is not. Either way, by starting with what you love and want in a dining room and then expanding from there is the best way to go with designing the dining room of your dreams. With the expert team at Naffco Flooring and Interiors at your disposal to walk with you through every step of your renovation, this process can be easy and smooth. For more information about how we can assist with your interior dining room renovation, please call the South Tampa office at (813) 254-4066, the Carrollwood office at (813) 961-1362, or the Brandon office at (813) 413-8313.