5 Ideas for Beautiful Wooden Floors

When it comes to turning a house into a home, the transitional period is never easy. Often times you’ll spend weeks trying to find ways of complementing different aspects of your house and this not only takes up much of your time, but will begin to drain you of your funds as well. Instead of spending so much time stressing about what to do with your different areas of the house here are five ideas for beautiful wooden floors and how to perfectly compliment them: #1. It’s all in the accent pieces. More often than not, complimenting your beautiful wooden floor has a lot more to do with what you surround it with rather than itself. While many people will take the time to admire its raw beauty, everything that it is bordered by will have just as much of an effect on its appearance. With darker woods more neutral tones tend to bring out the beauty that is naturally shining through. Whereas with lighter floors, a few darker accent pieces will make the flooring pop against it. #2. Protection is key. With wooden floors, especially older original wood ones, it’s extremely easy to damage them when moving furniture or if they aren’t cleaned properly. Never use dish soap and water to clean them. The dish soap will ruin the finishing on the wood which is a huge part of what protects it from light superficial scratches. Instead, invest in decent floor cleaner. When moving furniture be sure to have the safety moving strips on the sharp edges you’ll be sliding to avoid deep scratches in the flooring as well. #3. The occasional rug isn’t a crime. Many people think that throw rugs only cover the natural gorgeous wooden floors and that they should be avoided at all costs, this simply is an over exaggeration. As much as wooden floors should be shown off, throw rugs that cover small to medium spans of an area will only cause the floor to pop even more. They will accent a room while inherently protecting the part of the floor that the rug covers. #4. Be mindful of what you’re adorning your rooms with. While stainless steel looks sleek and modern, having other wooden accents can give your home a more rustic and warm feeling. Wooden cabinets and drawers along with finished wooden crates that double as shelves and storage spaces are a very in style way of decorating with the same medium. #5. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your walls. As previously stated, what’s around the floor can really bring out its underlying tones. This being said, don’t get nervous about painting the walls that surround your floor. As long as you lay down drop sheets or tarps to catch excess paint that may drip and you’re mindful of where it’s going, you should be fine to paint and repaint as often as you like.