5 Modern Design Inspirations for your Bedroom

At the end of a long day of work or an easy day relaxing elsewhere, you come home at the end of the day, throw yourself on the bed and look around the room. The design is nice and you find the room enticing, but right before you drift off to sleep, you think to yourself, “maybe it’s time for a little change of scenery.” Is this how you feel about your bedroom now? After all, this is such an important room in your home, maybe it is time to redesign or redecorate and bring the space to new life again. There are numerous different ways one could go about designing a room, but some modern inspirations could help you make this space even more special and beautiful. A key component to many artistically modern bedrooms is balance. A reigning principle in the art world, symmetry is considered aesthetically to be one of the most vivid ways to bring a painting or poem to full beauty. The same concept applies in interior decorating. Matching items in a room really help to bind the view of the room as a whole together. For example, having symmetrical nightstands and lamps accent the bed and present it as an appropriate focal point. Not all elements in a room have to be identical however. For example, having a backboard on the bed that matches the type of wood as a dresser across from the bed also presents a sense of balance. These two examples put together in a room would create a juxtaposition that even art critics would rave about. The lighting in a room is another concept that many interior designers are utilizing to bring a bedroom to life. The key here is also to find a balance between light and darkness. You wouldn’t want to illuminate the room too much because it can appear blinding during the day. By the same token, you wouldn’t want to blacken the shades too much or the room will appear too gloomy. A classy way to achieve this balance is to put up light shades over the windows or door, depending on the room itself. By allowing sunlight in, but filtering it a bit, you not only create a stunning glow, but achieve a visually pleasant balance between light and dark. In addition to bright lighting, bright colors are also a modern trend in bedroom designing. There are multiple ways to add bright objects to a room. Paint is the most obvious, but that’s a different project. Regular items can add a touch of brightness to a room, such as pillows, a bedspread, and knickknacks on a dresser. This is just a little something you can do if you don’t have a full budget for renovating a room because there are probably items like this that you already have around the house or can acquire easily. But sometimes a little can go a long way and so it is with room coloring. If you do have the budget and desire to renovate further however, a fresh paint job is a simple way to revamp a room to your liking. It need not be anything too fancy, but a new coat of paint not only changes the color of a room, but also gives it a fresh, pristine look. Sometimes mixing colors can be a good idea, especially when warm and cool colors are concerned. By painting the walls one color and accenting the rest of the room with an opposite color, you can create a stellar combination. Texture on wall paint is also a powerful modern trend and even if you don’t want to texture all of the walls in the room, doing at least the bed wall goes a long way to helping that area stand out. Finally, having a few items or decorations that accent the room is a great way to give it a little pizzazz. For example, pillows that display an accent color like a vibrant blue draw the eyes to it and create a desirable focal point. Artwork on the walls can be great as well, so long as you don’t overdo it. A large painting or photograph print on one wall also draws the eyes to it and shows off a little of your personality as well. Since this is your special room, that’s always a welcome thing, and you can sometimes support local artists in the process. Accent artwork and furniture really develop the room into exactly what you want it to be. There are numerous modern design trends that can breathe new life into the aesthetics of your bedroom. Balancing colors, lighting, texture, and accented areas are all great additions or renovations to make to such a room. All of these options are of course custom to you and you alone and therefore it’s a good idea to work with an interior designer who can help you make the most out of your renovation and help you have a finished design that you can be proud of. At Naffco Flooring and Interiors, we have a team of keen designers ready to work with you every step of the way. For more information about how we can help with your bedroom or other interior home renovation, please call the South Tampa office at (813) 254-4066, the Carrollwood office at (813) 961-1362, or the Brandon office at (813) 413-8313.