5 Modern Design Inspirations for your Bathroom

When you think about the various rooms in your home, you may find it interesting that you generally only have one of each. You may have more than one bedroom, but you generally only have one kitchen, laundry room, dining room, and others. In almost every home, you’ll find at least two bathrooms and this opens up an opportunity for creative design. A clean, elegant bathroom is a staple for not only having guests over, but also for your own comfort. If you feel that it’s maybe time to redesign your bathrooms to give them a fresh, new look, take a moment to read some expert advice for bathroom interior designing. As touched on already, bathrooms come in different types and experts tend to agree on three different kinds: the master bathroom, the secondary bathroom, and the powder room. Each kind of bathroom has its own theme of sorts or modern way of designing. For the master bathroom, the idea is to go for something that is desirable to you. Guests generally won’t be going into this room, so you want it to be your personal space. You can design this however you’d like, including using textures or flooring that is most aesthetically pleasing to you. The secondary bathroom has a little bit more variance to it. Sometimes it will be used as the bathroom for the children, sometimes it may be used as a guest bathroom when having people over, and sometimes it will serve both of these functions. In either instance, the modern theme is to go with something fun and whimsical. Bright colored painted and disarming decorations are often a good way to accomplish this and create a lighthearted space that is homey for the children and welcoming to your guests. Sometimes themes, like ocean scenes and decorations are the way to go in the secondary bathroom as well. The powder room is designed a little differently than the other two because it has a more specific function. This would be the room where guests would go to tidy up, so you have the opportunity here to really show off your style. The modern design trend is to splurge on this room with elegant decorations and interesting features. A few key decorations, such as a piece of artwork, can create a focal point for the room. The idea is to make your guests feel elite, so even special tiling or unique flooring can make a different in making this room stand out with a little pizzazz. With all of these bathroom types, the key component to designing them is to start simple and go with what you love. Even if you have an effect you are going for, such as a theme in the powder room, you need not make the room seem too “busy” or crowded. A little can go a long way in bathroom designing and even a handful of decorations or a single piece of artwork can fill the space that you need. This is especially true for secondary bathrooms, which are significantly smaller than their master bath counterparts. One other thing to consider in bathroom designing, in addition to aesthetics, is safety. This is especially true for master bathrooms, which contain a shower or bathtub. With the amount of water present in the room, you want to make sure that there are no slip hazards and that entrance into the shower or tub is clear. Some modern bathrooms implement a shower door rather than a curtain, which is also safer. Flooring is the biggest concern, as certain types of flooring are more susceptible to slip and vulnerable to water damage. Hardwood and laminate should be avoided in bathrooms, while tile is usually the go-to option. You can even work new flooring into a redesign to not only make the room safer, but increase its beauty as well. The bathroom is not only an important room, but one that you almost always find multiples of in a household. As such, there are many opportunities to redesign and renovate those rooms to make them new a vibrant looking. For the personal master bathroom, to the inviting secondary bathroom, and for the pristine powder room, Naffco Flooring and Interiors has a team of expert interior designers who are able to sit down with you, plan out, and carry out the bathroom renovation of your dreams. For more information about how we can aid in your bathroom interior renovations, please call the South Tampa office at (813) 254-4066, the Carrollwood office at (813) 961-1362, or the Brandon office at (813) 413-8313.