3 Flooring Options for your Dining Room

The dining room is a place for family and friends to get together and enjoy each other’s company – the last thing you want to worry about is if your floor can content with spilled food and drink. Then there’s the issue of furniture; if not properly protected your floor can be irreparably scratched by the constant pulling out of chairs. Take a look at some of the best flooring options for dining rooms below:


You might be worried about stains and spills, but fear not as nowadays carpets can be protected against such weaknesses, making them the perfect partner for the dining room. Carpet adds an element of warmth to any area and come in such a huge array of different materials, styles, and textures you can easily find one to suit any decor. As the dining room can see it’s fair amount of foot traffic (as well as having furniture dragged around it) it’s advisable to opt for a more durable material ,such as nylon or wool blend, as well as a forgiving cut to the pile and possibly even a pattern.


Hardwood is a timeless and elegant option many homeowners enjoy having throughout the house. It’s advantages include durability and strength, as well as a long lifespan and inherent value. It’s important to protect your hardwood against scratches, so ensure to have furniture pads places on the bottom of all chairs and tables. You might also look into getting an area rug to protect the floor, remember to opt for one which will fit the entire table and chairs on with plenty of space – a smaller one will make the overall aesthetic uneven.


Tile in the dining room might not be to everyone’s taste, but if you want to create a certain style (such as modernist or Mediterranean) then this may well be the right choice for you. If you live in warmer climates, tile offers cooling properties too. Add to this it’s strength and stain resistance, and this flooring might just be your perfect dining room partner.