3 Flooring Options for your Bathroom

Your bathroom has a lot more to contend with than other, less frequented areas of your home. Not only does it see a lot of footfall, it’s also has to deal with one of the most difficult external influences of the home – moisture. In the past this meant one would be quite limited in what flooring options were available when looking to redecorate. Thankfully that isn’t the case nowadays! Let’s take a look at some of the best flooring options for your bathroom:


Vinyl flooring is a great option for the bathroom for a multitude of reasons – not least due to the thousands of styles available. It’s an extremely practical choice, especially if you have little ones and are worried about large amounts of water escaping onto the floor. Luxury vinyl plank flooring is fast becoming a very popular choice, but sheet still does a stellar job if your on a budget. If you opt for vinyl tiles you may well be able to fit them yourself, which helps to keep you well within budget.

Tile (Porcelain, Stone, Ceramic)

A common choice for bathrooms and with good reason, tiles are easy to maintain, durable, and have no problem dealing with moisture. You can opt for porcelain or stone depending on your preference – both deal well with water and have a long life. Ceramic is cheaper but is also more porous, so it depends on how long you’re intending the tiles to last. Consider texturing your tiles so as to avoid the slippery when wet issue.

Engineered Wood

Unfortunately hardwood doesn’t have much resistance to moisture – it swells and can be damaged by being in high humidity. Thankfully, engineered wood manages to more readily resist the weaknesses of it’s inspiration, meaning it can be installed in the bathroom without a worry. It won’t last as long as some of the other options listed here as the top layer of the flooring is still wood, but it’s still quite durable and provides an elegant aesthetic.

Half Bathroom?

If you have a half bathroom you don’t need to be as concerned with water and humidity, so you have a little more freedom when it comes to your flooring choices.