2019 Trends In Carpets

As the new year rolls around, you might well be thinking about giving your home a bit of a revamp. Replacing carpet can make a huge difference not only to the aesthetics of a room, but also the overall feel, comfort level, and warmth. So what are the growing trends we expect to see in 2019 in the carpet world?


It can seem scary to install a carpet that isn’t just one block color or a grouping of a few similar neutral shades, but a multicolor carpet can make a huge statement and brighten up your decor immensely. Don’t narrow your focus too much by sticking to a non-offensive color palette, your carpet can be both functional and fabulous.


If multicolor doesn’t fit your decor, think about just going bolder with your color choice. In short, beige and grays are out and bold is in. Be daring with your color choices and experiment with how different colors fit with the rooms overall scheme. Your carpet should hold some visual interest – even if you’re opting for a natural color try and find a variety with flecks of color to break it up.


Just as there’s a move to bold, colorful carpets, patterns are making a big comeback too. Gone are the days when patterned carpets should be avoided – welcome patterns into your home with open arms. Not only do they add a unique focal point and contrast to your interior, they’re also masters at disguising stains.

Texture and Construction

Loop and pile carpets are very on trend this year, again adding another interesting visual element to your floor. There a wide variety of textured patterns to choose from, ranging from geometric to abstract.