2019 Trends In Area Rugs

With the new year upon us, you may well be thinking about making some changes to your decor. A great way to refresh any room is to play around with different area rugs. A rug immediately alters the looks and feel of the space it occupies, creating optical illusions of space and separating areas. Let’s see which trends are going to be hitting the area rug market in 2019:

Au Naturale

Natural fiber doesn’t have to mean just wool or silk – there are so many different, affordable, environmentally friendly options on the market to choose from. Jute, seagrass, mountaingrass, sisal, and bamboo are all interesting choices that won’t hurt the planet, will do a good job, and look great at the same time! Each type of rug varies in terms of its strengths and weaknesses, so be sure you choose the right kind based on footfall and room type.

Layers of Layers

That’s right, you don’t have to stop at just one rug! Layering a smaller rug can make a stunning focal point for a room, making for uniquely facetted flooring. Mix textures, patterns, materials, and styles and see what you come up with. This is also a great choice if you have a rug you love that’s too small for your home – just layer atop of a larger partner and hey presto! You’ve got a design no one else in the world has.


Patterned rugs have long been a fixture in the decor world; it’s more the type of pattern that changes. In 2019 expect to see ornate, traditional style patterns, as well as more modern simplistic ones (such as chevrons and geometrics). Again, think about mixing and matching these patterns to create a cool aesthetic, and also consider the texture. Pronounced textures are going to be big this year, so the bigger the better.

Rugs, Rugs, Everywhere!

With the huge variety of materials out there, rugs now have a home in every room. Choosing a rug for your kitchen not only transforms the space, it also makes it more comfortable on a chef’s long suffering feet.