Will My Dog Ruin My Hardwood Floor?

Will my Dog Ruin my Hardwood Floor? Having a pet has immeasurable benefits for the family, but if you have hardwood floors you might be worried about the damage your dog may cause. Hardwood is a costly part of your home which you don’t want to be replacing unless it’s necessary, so take the following steps to ensure your furry friend doesn’t ruin it!

Rugs are your New Best Friend!

Rugs make a huge difference both to the hardwood, and to your dog’s life! Most dogs don’t enjoy the lack of traction under their paws, and having a rug makes them feel more comfortable. Not only that rugs protect your floor from any scratches, and are easy to vacuum and clean. Think about installing area rugs in places where your dog often frequents or runs.

Clean your Pup Often

If your dog loves getting in a mess, make sure you clean him up before he enters the home. Mud on paws can act as an abrasive substance your hardwood (similar to sandpaper) so give them a wipe to avoid any damage.

Keep their Nails Short

Another way to make sure scratches don’t get the better of you is to keep your pet’s nails trimmed and short. Longer nails are more likely to damage flooring.

Regular Maintenance

No matter how careful you are, chances are you’ll still end up with some wear and tear – it’s normal regardless of whether pets are a factor or not. As such, ensure you treat any scratches promptly and regularly maintain your hardwood floor. You can treat scratches by using specialized products – just ensure to test them out in an inconspicuous area first.