Unique Cabinetry Designs You Can Use In Your Home

Cabinetry design can elevate the look and feel of your home, adding personality and functionality to a room such as a kitchen. There are cabinetry designers available should you need help choosing designs for your cabinetry, as there are many factors to consider, including your floor plan, aesthetic, and needs of the space. Cabinetry design has gone through a variety of iterations in home design and renovation—from traditional wooden paneling on cabinets to modern marble finishes and expensive details. It’s clear, however, that updating your cabinetry design can add value and style to your home, and is one of the most commonly renovated parts of a home. Placement of your cabinets greatly depends on your floor plan, if it is an option or a more traditional floor plan. Designers will often design cabinets based on your floor plan and the elevation of the room. In a room like a kitchen, there are options for cabinets that attach to a wall or, if you have an open floor plan, a kitchen island of cabinets to maximize the room’s space. Placing cabinets above and below the kitchen counter is a classic design choice. Another element to consider is the look of the materials that compose the cabinets. Do you want dark wood, light colored panels, or even more expensive materials like stainless steel? This element of your cabinetry design depends on your preferences. Cabinetry can also be painted in bold accent colors to fit the rest of your home or to tie together other elements in the style of your house. Next, what about the doors to the cabinets? Do you like a flat cabinet door or one with raised edges and lines? The choice of handles and knobs is the last step in your cabinet design, but can greatly impact the personality of the cabinetry. Hardware is an important final touch to your cabinet design, and it can take cabinets with an outdated look to a more modern, refreshed aesthetic. Another great thing about hardware changes is their cost; a relatively inexpensive way to elevate your kitchen cabinets from drab to modern. Unique cabinetry can range from bold coloration to sleek, modern hardware, and updating your cabinetry can be a small or big project depending on your vision for your home.