Underlying Flooring Issues That Could Cost You

The question of all questions…what could be under these floors? Some of the time we are lucky enough to find beautiful hardwood floors under that 1700s tiling, and other times not so much. Breaking down walls and tearing up floors is a scary notion because we simply don’t know what the heck could be behind or below! If you are looking to redo your flooring you should consider putting aside some money for the things that you could find underneath. Here are some things that could just break the bank if you were to find them under your flooring, or above. Live in a home that was built way back in the day? I am sure it is beautiful, but buyer beware. Older homes include charm and beautiful architecture that will steal your heart but because of their age they may inhabit some structural issues. One of the most costly things you can find when replacing your floors is realizing that your floors are slanted. It is not always because the original builder didn’t know how to use a level, it is usually because of natural causes. There are ways to look for this before even buying the home. If you notice that doors are hard to close or if the gap between the door and the floor is slanted. Fixing an uneven floor can be very costly. If your flooring isn’t uneven due to age, it could be a sign of foundational issues. When we get into foundational issues you’re going to start hearing large dollar amounts to fix. Think about it, the foundation is holding up your home so it is important and experts can and will charge for it. Supply and demand kind of thing. It also is not an easy weekend project to fix. Foundational issues can seep into your house in more ways than just your flooring. You may find cracks in or near your ceiling too. This will be the most costly thing on your house to fix or repair and it is something you can’t just “avoid” doing if your home is experiencing these issues.